It’s official: Cincinnati is coolest city in the Midwest

The website adds up all the ways in “9 Ways Cincinnati Quietly Became the Coolest City in the Midwest,” starting with the resurgence of Over-the-Rhine. Here’s what writers had to say:

"Some would argue that Over-the-Rhine has always had a certain charm and appeal, and they'd be right. It's hard to argue that one of Cincinnati's most historic neighborhoods hasn't made a complete turnaround and is now one of the most vibrant areas of our community.”

Other Queen City attributes cited in the article:

Its evolving food scene

The arts

Craft beer offerings

Preservation of historic landmarks (including Union Terminal and Music Hall)

Activity along the riverfront

Quality parks

Fiona the baby hippo

Festivals (including Riverfest, Oktoberfest and Taste of Cincinnati).

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